T.J.'s Outdoor Maintenance, Inc.

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Property Maintenance

TJ's maintains the ground of estates, offices, home owners, associations, private homes, apartment complexes and shopping centers.  All services are on an as-needed basis and there are no long-term contracts to sign.

Lawn Maintenance services provided include:

Mowing - Regular service includes weekly (or as needed) mowing, trimming and edging sidewalks and walkways. All walks and drives are blown clear after mowing is completed.

Core Aeration and Overseeding - Sometimes the difference between a marginal lawn and a great lawn can be achieved by core aeration which allows water, nutrients and air to reach the lawn's root zone. Overseeding will thicken and enrich your lawn which prevents weeds from germinating.

Lawn Renovation - A less than satisfactory lawn can be turned into thick, lush lawn through professional renovation by removing the existing grass, adding topsoil and re-installing your lawn.

Sod Installation - Sod can add instant beauty and maturity to your lawn without the time factor required when seeding.

Top Dressing - Spreading soil mixed with sand and peat to your existing lawn will result in new basal growth of the grass plants as well as producing a thicker sword of grass. This process also evens out lawn that has bumps and hollows.

De-Thatching - Thatch is the derbis that collects on the soil surface from grass clippings, roots, and other organic matter. Although a thin layer of this organic material benefits your lawn , a layer more than 1/2 inch can be detrimental to good lawn growth and appearance. De-Thatching will improve the health of the lawn.

Fertilization and Pest Control Programs - We are fully licensed to apply fertilizer, pesticides and lime to maintain the health and beauty of your lawn.